F-1940-Meredew drawers-480x480-90.jpgT1-1951-Navy_and_Red_Pillow-480x480-90.jpgF3-1927-Navy_Stool-480x480-90.jpgF13-2371-Boardwalk_Chairs-480x480-80.jpgP6-040-Take_Note_Notebook-480x480-90.jpgT6a-2155-Zigzag_Pillow-480x480-80.jpgF15-2204-Airest_Lounge_Chair-480x480-90.jpgT3b-1621-Thomas_Quilt-480x480-80.jpgF8-1185-Retro_Banksia_Chair-480x480-80.jpgF7-1298-01-Pink_Ant_Chair-480x480-90.jpgF-3186-Don Lorong-480x480-90.jpg

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We finally finished this pair of Greta Jalk chairs, which have been in our studio for a long time.  They look stunning.  And have gone to a good home.

This retro chair, covered in screen printed raw linen from Cloth Fabric, is available for purchase from our TradeMe store.  


View here.




These rimu drawers have gone from rustic country to slick city.  If you wish to purchase them send me an email.  

W910mm x H905mm x D480mm